About Kia

Something wasn’t right. Kia couldn’t eat. She would wake up at night in a pool of her own sweat. Glands she didn’t even know she had were swollen. She felt like she had the flu or something, only, it wasn’t going away. She sucked it up and took a planned vacation to California anyway. The minute she got off the plane, her parents took one look at her and knew something wasn’t right.

After a few hospital trips, the diagnosis came in:

“I have now officially become one of the 7 in 100,000 people that are diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma each year,” Kia wrote on Calicancercation, a blog she started soon after realizing her quick trip to California had officially become the start of a long journey filled with lots of dripping bags of medication and a never-ending parade of doctors, tests and personal struggles.

Kia started chemotherapy immediately. A few months rolled by and, by the end of the last round, she felt like she had cancer in the bag. Kia was feeling good. So good that she flew back to Northampton, Massachusetts to marry her longtime girlfriend and steadfast rock-amid-the-cancer-storm, Annie.

The wedding was perfect.

A few days later, Kia was back on the plane to her parents house in Visalia, California. She had a Stem Cell Transplant that was pretty much going to seal the deal as far as the cancer ass-kicking was concerned.

“The thing is, five days after we returned to California, I learned that cancer is never in the bag, except maybe several years into remission,” Kia wrote. “Or perhaps longer than that, I’m not sure. I have no control. Plans are made to be changed. And nothing is guaranteed.”

The cancer’s back. It’s aggressive and persistent and the new plan is to fight back with everything we have. Kia desperately needs a bone-marrow transplant, but of the 9 million possible donors registered in the National Marrow Donor Program, not one single person is the perfect 10-point match she needs.

Kia’s a beautiful Persian-American mix and her best chances of finding a match is with another Persian-American. Is that you? Is that someone you know?  Please register with Be the Match today and encourage everyone you know to do the same.  Let’s help Kia and the thousands of other people out there fighting to save their lives find a perfect match.


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